, your professional I.T. & Graphic Design partner, is an energetic and dynamic enterprise in Hong Kong. We are dealing with various kinds of PC/Network products and providing multi-media design service. We offer cost-effective and one-stop-shop solutions that enable companies to achieve smooth results in doing business on the network of intranet and internet. Our solution includes top-notch VoIP, FoIP, VPN technology, Email / Website Hosting, hardware / software application, PC / Server maintenance, network / Cabling application, multi-media design, online program development and technology "know-how" implementation. All our products are subject to rigorous internal evaluation in Lui's quality control team. The strictly quality control procedures ensure that customers' requirements are accurately and consistently satisfied.

We recognize that people are the foundation of corporate success. One reason why Lui's beats the competition is that from the very start we have recognized the importance of a strong technical background and experienced R&D team. This commitment translates to our emphasis on the recruitment and retaining talented and experienced engineers. Through our creative and relentless research and development efforts, Lui's has successfully carved an appropriate market niche to offer reliable and innovative products & services that satisfy customer demands.

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