We offer you affordable Website and E-mail Hosting packages with all necessary features you need in order to suit your Website and E-mail application. Want to get professional results without the technical knowledge and equipment, LG is one of your best options. We give you a high performance and reliability hosting platform. Our services included...
Provide plenty of web storage and bandwidth to suit your need;
Support Flash, FTP, PHP4, Java Script, OBDC and MySQL;
Support Anti Virus Scanning and Firwall Protection;
Regular Data Backup and Universal Power Supply.
POP3, SMTP, Web Mail, E-mail Forwarding and Auto Message Response;
Support Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus Scan, and Online Spam Admin Interface;
24x7 Servers Monitoring, Regular E-mail Backup and Universal Power Supply.
Domain name online application for .com, .net,, .hk, .cn, .info, .biz, .org...etc;
DNS Domain Transfer, Re-Direct and migration, Sub-Domain Application.
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